Free solar panels for industrial buildings UAE & MIDDLE EAST

Zero capital investment!

Sheikh Mohammed's Dubai Clean Energy Strategy

Solar panels on every roof by 2030
7% of Dubai's energy from clean energy sources by 2020
25% of Dubai's energy from clean energy sources by 2030
75% of Dubai's energy from clean energy sources by 2050
Solar panels to account for 25% of Dubai's energy requirements
Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid

The team at Sunlab Solar Energy Systems have over 7 years experience in the solar business with over 25,000 installations under their management. We understand in the UAE this is a relatively new concept and to make things easier and more accessible for customers, our solar solution requires absolutely no capital investment.

Free solar panels

Associate Partner: Mr Sohail Hassy

Associate Partner: Mr Khalid Ayub

Free system supplied & installed to match your electricity demand

Approved products & installers

Electricity produced sold to you at discounted rate  for up to 30 years

Monitored & maintained free of charge for contract duration

Local labour fully trained and utilised for project fullfilment

How does it work?

Solar PV converts sunlight into free electricity

Get a significant discount on grid tariff rates for up to  30 years

Own the system at the end of the free lease agreement

Become a leader in Renewable Energy and Carbon reduction

DEWA’s Incentive to install Solar PV

DEWA’s smart Initiative as part of Distributed Renewable Resources Generation programme

Controlled connection to DEWA grid

Ensures bill payers benefit from ALL the electricity produced by Solar PV System

Net Metering – All surplus electricity produced is sold back to DEWA and offset against future electricity bills – under the Shams Dubai project.

What can each megawatt save?

*Our example figures include 2.8% per annum electricity price increases (starting at AED 0.445/kWh) and 0.8% per annum solar system degradation with savings of 20% from DEWA tariff. Based on a south facing 1MW installation.

The process

About us

We're passionate about solar and saving your business money

With over twenty years' combined experience in the solar industry, our management team have been responsible for over twenty-five thousand successful solar panel installations. Prior to our launch in UAE, our team lead the UK's largest installer of domestic Solar PV Systems and Solar Investment Companies. We have dedicated our resource to ensuring reduced electricity cost for our system users. Our degree qualified engineers design Solar PV systems to guarantee optimum return with ongoing system monitoring and maintenance with every installation.

“Those who don't think about energy aren't thinking about the future." - Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid

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